Leading innovation in game server hosting

Continuous improvements and integrations in our platform, prioritizing performance, stability, and cost effectiveness so your organization can thrive.

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Game servers provisioned as dedicated, logically separated virtual machines provides greatest isolation of server memory and access


Agile Software

Powerful technologies paired together elegantly through modular design means faster innovation and newer features being added quicker


Lean Practices

We built our platform around minimizing costs and maximizing platform efficiency to enable our free server hosting options


Nightly Releases

Our continuous development and release software lifecycle allows for nightly updates to our dev platform based on our latest development work


Company Owned Data Centers

All data center hardware and equipment used in Revelation Hosting branded data centers are owned and operated, entirely and solely by us


Live Support

We have integrated with FreshChat for support representatives to be a chat message away inside of the dashboard 24/7

Built from the ground up

Our entire hosting platform was built from scratch with global scale and cost efficiency in mind. We built this for you!

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Upcoming Features

Dedicated Virtual Machines

As we build out more of our automation toolkit we plan to offer Virtual Private Servers as a Service to customers that are looking for the greatest amount of control over their hosting experience.

Advanced API

All our service and orchestration endpoints are built as RestAPIs. We are working to allow our customers to securely access all of their services programmatically for greater extensibility of the platform.

Cloud Integrations

Our services are being developed for the global audience, with deep integrations into the public cloud. Bringing our services closer to you is one of our top priorities.

Group Permissions

Our permissions system is being built so your whole team can manage all or some components of your hosting subscription.

Analytics Dashboard

We know you value data and reporting like we do. We are working to serve you meaningful and actionable insights about your services right in the portal.

Custom Branding

Customize your services and dashboard experience with your community's branding in our upcoming dashboard release.

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Server Tiers

We are continuously working to provide a wider variety of price to performance server tiers to our customers than any other hosting provider.

Free VM

We use our highly cost efficient Hyper-Converged infrastructure (HCI) as the foundation for our Free VM hosting offerings. This allows for great compute performance with less storage I/O heavy workloads. The cost optimization comes from the storage layer being moved into the same hardware we handle compute workloads. The performance penalty in the storage I/O comes from having less drive spindles in the storage pool. If you would like to read more about HCI, you can check out this wikipedia article or this article.

Standard VM

Our Standard VM offering is built to match the needs of our average customer, designed like a typical data center architecture where our compute and storage layers are separate and managed separately. All storage traffic traverses our fiber network between the compute and storage layers, and we can scale each independent of one another. Since we maintain hardware for two different layers of the architecture, the cost is slightly higher than the HCI tier. The performance of this tier is much more predictable and can handle much higher storage I/O in our implementation.

Premium VM

For our most demanding customers, we offer our Premium VM tier with performance to match the name. Following an Enterprise data center architecture, we continue the separation of the compute and storage layers, however we have now moved your storage to an all PCI-e flash array connected over fiber. This flash array hardware is 100% dedicated to Premium VM storage I/O and is not shared with any other service or servers we host.

We love your feedback

Our technology roadmap and features are prioritized based on community feedback. Let us know what new features you would like to see!