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Note: None of our game servers have player limits beyond what the game title can support.

You only pay the difference between what you have, and what you want.

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Pricing Table (Minecraft)

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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, you can upgrade your server at any time in the Dashboard. Click Modify > Upgrades Tab then select the new size you want, complete the payment, and the upgrade will start automatically right away. See our support article here for specific instructions.

Absolutely! We offer a free server option for all game titles that we host for. An important note, this free offering is not representative of the performance you would see in a paid tier and should be used sparingly. You can also upgrade or cancel at any time right in the dashboard without needing to contact anyone.

For the purposes of this answer, no. However we are always open to discussing with current or potential customers about special or circumstantial pricing on a case-by-case basis, per our discretion. If you have any issues with our pricing, contact us and we would love to try and meet you halfway.

At the time of writing no, however this is something on our technology roadmap.

We currently accept PayPal and credit / debit card payments. Payments are serviced using PayPal Subscriptions.

We currently offer 3 supporting plans. No support, Standard Support, and Premium Support. Some plans are included in the purchase of a server so make sure to check that. No matter the plan you are elligeble to use our live chat feature, ticketing system, etc. The difference between the plans is around promised response times, emergency escalation, and the premium support plan granting you direct communication with a dedicated engineer upon request.

We do support plugins, data packs, as well as 3rd party Minecraft Server runtimes such as Spigot, Paper, and Forge. You will need to purchase Standard FTP Access to gain access to the server's files to install any plugins or runtimes. With a support agreement for the server, our support staff can help in the setup and configuration of any plugins. Support agreements entitle you to a White-Glove Onboarding process for your new game server upon request through live chat or a Support Ticket.

NOTE: We do not guarantee the performance of any size game server when mods are installed. We highly recommend only installing mods on Large or above sized game servers in the Premium VM server tier due to the extra processing power available with the 4+ vCPUs, extra memory overhead, and SSD storage.

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